Frequently Asked Questions

No, simply because we don’t have the skills, resources and time to do so.

Yes, upon approval from our lawyer.

Please check our Fees Page, we can also renegotiate and be flexible on an order to order basis.

Yes, we use our regular and trusted third party companies for this part of our service. Again with 100% transparency if required by you.

Yes, we understand the importance of being Amazon Compliant

We mainly use,,, and Exhibitions in China for our main sourcing resources.

Please check our Fees Page.

You can either send us by PayPal or to our China US Dollar Account.

Not for now and so we normally are open to helping source all kinds of products for you.

You can contact us any day of the week, 365 days and we will try to respond back to you asap.

To be honest not to our newer clients but we do give some suggestions to our older/regular clients if required.

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