About Me

Tony Kumar

Tony Kumar | Managing Kaizenmedia

I started KaizenMedia in January 2018 after living and working in Guangzhou, China since 2011. Having travelled extensively all over China to hundreds of factories, attending exhibitions and dealing with clients from all over the world from various industries, has taught me many of the nuances of Sourcing in China and help me build some strong relationships with the local businesses here. Even though most of my experience had been in dealing with more of the traditional wholesalers/importers, in the last 2 years I have dove deep in the Ecommerce world and how to source for Amazon/E-Com Sellers. The passion to not live a regular 9 to 5 life and help others do the same is what keeps me motivated every day.

Other than that, am just your regular guy hustling and enjoying new challenges. Love living a heathy lifestyle and have recently added Martial arts to my fitness routine.

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